General provisions

General provisions of baggage transportation

Carrier accepts passenger's baggage for transportation as checked baggage and transport it in the aircraft's hold. Hand luggage is transported in the cabin of the aircraft.

Passenger’s checked baggage should be carried by the same aircraft carrying Passenger. If such transportation is not possible, Carrier should transport baggage by the next flight to Passenger’s destination.

Carrier has right to refuse Passenger in carriage of his/her baggage, if its weight, number of pieces, contents, dimensions, or packing does not comply with provisions of rules.

In case of Passenger’s no show after registration, his/her baggage (including baggage of transit no show Passenger embarked at intermediary airport, as well as their hand luggage left in the cabin) will be removed from aircraft and examined.

Each piece of checked baggage must have package, providing its safety during transportation and handling to exclude possible damage to passengers, crewmembers, third parties, aircraft, baggage of other passengers, and/or other property.

It is prohibited to combine two or more items packed separately into the same cargo piece.

Baggage with sharp angles or sticking items or in an improper package is not accepted for carriage.

Baggage with external damages, which does not influence its contents during transportation and handling and may not cause harm to passengers, crewmembers, third parties, aircraft, baggage of other passengers, and/or other property, could be accepted for transportation as checked baggage upon the Carrier’s consent, with Passenger’s sign confirming external damages.

Carrier has right to refuse in accepting of certain baggage, if such baggage is not packed in wrap providing its safety during usual handling conditions.

Carrier must inform Passengers of reasons and duration of any baggage delays and provide baggage claim to Passengers.

Passenger shall receive his/her checked baggage after Carrier renders for baggage claim at destination point, upon submission of a coupon of the numbered baggage tag.

Baggage claim to Passenger is made in the airport where baggage was recorded for carriage. However, upon the Passenger’s request, he/she may collect the baggage at a departure or stopover point, if it is not forbidden by state authorities, and if time and circumstances allow such collection.

If baggage is collected at a departure or intermediary point, all fees paid to the Carrier previously in relation to such baggage may be refunded to Passenger upon Carrier’s permission.

If a person claiming for baggage cannot produce the coupon of a baggage tag, such person may not be transferred possession of such baggage, unless submits proper confirmations of his/her rights of ownership. In any case, the responsible officer shall execute the Collection Statement in relation to such baggage.